Shaq Fu RPG2: Goatass Beckons / Big Rigs RPG
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this is becoming so unbelievably good, grats nameless

lana_chan my name is erin
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I am considering contributing.

Just wondering, though, how would a character based off of me (or at least my persona) act in the game?

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Ooooh, this could be fun.  I can't promise that I have as much time to work on this, but I'm sure I could fill in a character.  Been playing a lot of Mass Effect recently so I have some ideas for romantic dialogue trees.

big rigs is great and i want to suck his cock

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Z. Mann Zilla
#79 14-04-2013, 18:07:34 PM
MediaIre has barred the download for Shaq Fu RPG 2 because it contains rap music.


MediaRet'rd has begun scanning archives for any files that have been previously identified as copyrighted material; in this case it's the Ghetto Bird mp3 by Ice Cube.

So, if someone does re-up it, please use another filehosting service other than MediaLiar like or maybe a mirror creator like...heh,

And waiting patiently/looking forward to Big Rigs RPG's completion.

#80 14-04-2013, 22:54:03 PM
I'll be happy to write dialogue for a character!

That sounds great, Diceman. Just upload a text file containing the NPC's text, a selection of responses that the PC can choose from, and the NPC's reaction to each response from the PC. The format itself doesn't matter too much; I'll find a way to implement it into a dialog tree. You'll be credited, of course. You can be anything you want in the game from a shop keeper to an agent for Gamespot Inc. to HWSNBN's right hand man (or woman). Again, no one has to do this if they don't want to but I'm pretty deep into the game at the moment. However, I still have quite a way to go. After the events in the demo (which will change radically in the final release), the game is totally open ended; the PC will not be able to complete all of the quest-lines during one play-through so all of the content is taking me quite a while to create. Also, I'm working 6 days a week now in a poo pooty soap factory so a lot of my free time has been eliminated. When this game is finally completed I'm hoping to be able to work on Shaq Fu RPG 3: The Nine Hells of Baator, but I need to take one thing at a time before I get overwhelmed. As far as the mapping goes, I've already created 300 areas (compared to 170 in SFRPG2) and I'm only about 70% done.

Also, someone posted that they had trouble downloading SFRPG2 from mediafire, so here is a dropbox link:

#81 15-04-2013, 21:11:16 PM

Also, someone posted that they had trouble downloading SFRPG2 from mediafire, so here is a dropbox link:

That was me, thank you.

But do you mean to tell me that MediaFire is only prohibiting access to the link in the USA?
That other countries can still download it?

#82 22-04-2013, 01:01:03 AM
Not quite sure, man. I just kind of threw my games onto mediafire and kind of forgot about them. Most of my time now is split between trying to make enough money to pay my bills/feed myself and work on Big Rigs RPG without becoming burnt out (not from the game itself, but from life circumstances). You wouldn't happen to be from RPG Maker general, would you? If so, you can shoot me a message there. I walked out of my glorious soap factory job, so I'll have some free time for the rest of the week and will be lurking there. Did the dropbox link work for you?

Also, I recently found an old CDR with yet another Shaq Fu RPG 1 incarnation that I thought was lost. It includes several more boss fights including old Gamefaqs troll Nick Bush, two extra dungeons, and an extra town. I might release a "10 year anniversary edition" with the recovered content and extra bugfixes if I can will myself to do so.

#83 06-06-2013, 01:45:47 AM
Well, I'm still working on this game whenever I can but between working 6 - 7 days a week and drinking copious amounts of beer, I'm only able to work on this for around two hours a night (usually done while mildly intoxicated). I'm working on a stat distribution leveling system right now.

It's still in a very rough stage, but it's closer to completion than the above video implies. Currently, each party member gets 50 stat points to spend per level and each primary statistic costs five statistic points (subsequently decreasing available points by five). Hit-points and Mana increases by three for each stat point spent.

What hasn't been implemented yet is skill-trees but I'm working on it. We're getting factory shutdown in a month and I'll have a full week to complete the leveling system and write more dialog.

Also, concerning the "lore" of the game, it takes place on the "Second World" within the continent of Russia two years after the defeat of Sett in Shaq Fu but a year prior to the events of Shaq Fu RPG. Select characters within those games may make small cameos but all of the sophomoric gay/fist jokes are going to be absent.

bjorno the hedgehog
#84 06-06-2013, 22:06:36 PM

 cheers m8
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Looks like a huge amount of points to distribute every time you level up.  Perhaps a button which increases your stats in increments of 10 would be better?

#86 07-06-2013, 22:58:23 PM
- Last Edit: 07-06-2013, 23:12:12 PM
Looks like a huge amount of points to distribute every time you level up.  Perhaps a button which increases your stats in increments of 10 would be better?

Yeah, that video (spending a stat-point increases a primary statistic by one) isn't an accurate representation of the system in its current form. Currently, the system works exactly as you're describing except for the fact that primary stats increase in increments of 5 for each click while decreasing available stat-points by 5. HP and MP still increase by 3 for each point spent. With two party members, you'll only have to perform 20 clicks or so unless you dump all available points into HP and/or MP.

I should have show-cased this in the video, but if you hold down the left mouse button, stat-points will rapidly distribute (the script that is performed when you increase a primary statistic by left-clicking will repeat every tenth of a second until you release the left-click).

Hopefully that will reduce some of the tediousness. Another major issue I'm running into concerns game balance. For example, if you dump a poo pooload of points into willpower, you'll regenerate mana so fast that it becomes impossible to run out. Then again, taking advantage of certain over-powered game mechanics in Morrowind was enjoyable to me. I haven't decided whether I should nerf willpower or leave it alone. Stell's Undying hand and Pandora's Cargo are also two very overpowered spells (they function almost identically to Sphere of Chaos and Finger of Death in Baldur's Gate 2). While it works well in an Infinity Engine game, being able to rapidly cast those spells in an ARPG becomes overwhelmingly devastating.

EDIT: The spell Time Stop is also very powerful even with a 10 second cool-down. That will definitely have to be nerfed in some way.

#87 23-06-2013, 19:43:14 PM
So I finally got off my ass and made a teaser trailer.

Skill trees are nearly completed and the stat distribution system is much less tedious now. I'll upload a video of that when it's perfected.

#88 23-06-2013, 19:49:27 PM
This blew all other trailers from E3 out of the water!

bjorno the hedgehog
#89 23-06-2013, 19:49:32 PM
omg its real its happening

 cheers m8
#90 23-06-2013, 22:18:17 PM
Ah so it's like a ripoff of Barkley shut up and jam, that's pretty cool.

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